Current Openings

Installation, Configuration and Administration of Web Logic, WebSphere and Apache Servers in Linux and Solaris Servers. Implement multiple CI/CD pipelines as a part of DevOps role for on-premises and cloud-based software using Jenkins, Chef and AWS/Docker. Maintain virtual environments using VMware ESX 6.x Server and built various Linux servers on VMware servers. Create a test Environment in Citrix or VMware for Production Team to test their applications. Use UNIX (REDHAT) Centos 6, 7 & Windows Operating System Environments, supporting access control Security Policies. Primary worksite is Austin, TX but relocation possible. Req: Master degree in Computer science or information systems with 6 months experience as Systems Administrator or DBA or IT consultant. Ref: #016.
Work on installing ESXi hypervisor on Dell and Cisco servers. Configure, Deploy, Manage and Troubleshoot ESXi hosts and virtual machines. Perform VM and storage migration in virtual environment. Analyze VM-support logs of esxi servers to diagnose the root cause of the issue. Use vROps for proactive monitoring of health of the entire virtual environment. Decommission virtual and physical servers. Configure vsphere HA, DRS in acquiring higher efficiency for vmware infrastructure. Primary worksite is Austin TX, but relocation possible. Req: Master degree in Computer Science or Elect. Engineering with 3 months experience as System Administrator or Network Engineer or related. Ref: #01495. .
Perform Solaris Systems Installation and Migration using Network Installation Manager (NIM). Work with Backup utilities used for Restoring, Cloning and Mirroring. Work on kernel performance issues using Topas, vmstat, svmon. Configure and maintain NFS, DNS, NIS/NIS+, DHCP, SMTP, and Networking with TCP/IP. Architecture solutions and design of Unix infrastructure. Create CRON jobs to automate various System Administration tasks using the crontab utility. Primary worksite is Austin TX, but relocation is possible. Req: Master degree in Computer Science or Computer Information Sciences with 6 months experience as Programmer/Analyst or Network/Software Engineer. Related exp must include working with Unix infrastructure. Ref: #4184.
Programmer Analyst: Upgrade Java software development kit on all non-production servers. Customize and Develop User Interface using Angular 8 for the Loan Origination Application. Customize and Develop DLL files for Supertrump Servers for Credit and Pricing Calculations. Create Technical Design Documents and Functional Design Documents. Involve in development of regular US defects alongside productions defects. Provide production support for the Doc-Gen servers as well as SuperTrump pricing servers. Primary worksite is Austin, TX but relocation possible. Req: Master degree in Computer Science or related with 6 months experience as Programmer Analyst or Consultant. Ref: #00075.
Software Engineer: Analyze current AWS and Azure spending and provide a detailed breakdown by application and by environment. Define the strategy for enabling performance diagnostics and monitor using an Application Performance Management (APM) tool, other monitoring tools, and diagnostic techniques. Motivate and provide necessary tools for engineers to create simple solutions to complex problems. Cloud Engineering support clients as they improve agility and resilience and identify opportunities to reduce IT operations spend through automation by enabling Cloud. Experience with SQL, VMWare and MySQL. Primary worksite is Austin, TX, but relocation is possible. Req: Master degree in Computer Science or Info. Studies or Technology with 6 months experience as Software or Computer or VMWare Engineer or Consultant. Ref: #6616.
Splunk ITSI engineering role supporting SOC or NOC environments. Business and IT Service monitoring, intelligent incident management and machine learning and predictive analytics. Experience in ITSI in a production environment can be substituted for certification. Experience with Dynatrace or AppD and in data engineering with Splunk ITSI for both ingestion and extraction. Experience in a production environment with performing and coordinating service decompositions for 2+ years & experience maintaining Splunk and Dynatrace and its underlying infrastructure. Experience with Windows and Linux Operating systems, services, daemons, containers, and VMs. Experience with troubleshooting and identifying root cause issues, service tree mapping, experience in alerting Service Now. Experience in creating and maintaining TA’s (technology add on) and UF (Universal Forwarders). Ability to support cloud integration efforts with Splunk and Dynatrace. Ref: DIT-RB-20220401
Create and maintain infrastructure architecture documents. Create Splunk and ITSI dashboard using SQL (Splunk Query Language). Create customize dashboard using stream data from AWS CloudWatch and Salesforce. Work on Jenkins integration and azure pipelines. Perform ESX log analysis for troubleshooting and work on performance tuning. Work on AKS (Azure Kubernetes service) and ACR (Azure Container Registry). Implementation of App-dynamics, Dynatrace and Splunk using AWS services such as VPC, subnet, EC2, S3 etc. Primary worksite is Austin, TX, but relocation possible. Req: Master degree in Computer Science or Engineering or Technology or Instructional Design and Technology with 4 months experience as Software Engineer or Analyst or Designer or Intern or related. Ref: #02183.

What’s In it for Employees?

Digital iTechnology is one of the fastest growing companies in Texas. We believe in developing careers of our employees and each position with us offers much more than just a job. Our enlightened approach to employee development also focuses on giving people whatever they need to succeed:
  • Talent Transformation
  • Expert guidance or fast track growth
  • Rewards and Recognition
We realize that the key to customer satisfaction is with the employee. Today, in an industry like software, which is knowledge intensive and relies heavily on manpower, it is important to have happy and enthusiastic employees in an organization. We do place heavy importance on the needs of employees and this provokes a sea-change at the company level, and, in turn, greater customer loyalty, better engagements and higher revenues. This ability to build relationships is one of the core reasons we are dramatically different from our competitors. Building relationships is part of our culture. You will be rubbing shoulders with expert and experienced people in the industry from day one, and this will help you fast-track your career to reap rapid rewards – both professionally as well as financially.

Employee Benefits

At Digital iTechnology, we recognize our employees’ hard work and dedication. We believe in providing unparalleled benefits, extensive learning opportunities and a working environment that will unleash their startup gene.

We believe in rewarding our employees to match up to their personal and professional developmental needs. Hence, we offer a wide array of benefits such as:
  • H1B sponsorship & Green Card sponsorship
  • Paid Time Off
  • Relocation Expense
  • Pre-tax Health Insurance
  • Flexible Spending Account
  • Life Insurance with buy-up
  • Short and Long-term Disability Coverage
  • 401K plans
  • Referral Bonus
  • Performance Rewards
  • Direct Deposit
  • Technical Training
  • Educational reimbursements
  • Professional Development
  • Regular Performance Evaluation and Appraisals
  • Employee Social Events
*Benefits are subject to employee grade and department.
Please contact for any questions.

Learning and Development

Learning is the most sustainable source of attaining an edge over the competition in the industry, today. As the quest for talent continues, leveraging and optimizing learning for stronger performance is very crucial. In this knowledge based economy, creating a learning environment helps address talent shortfall, generate ideas and ultimately leads to building an engaged workforce resulting in higher productivity and retention. We recognize that grooming an employee into a globally competitive leader requires an extensive and nurturing ecosystem.

Our mission is to support the growth of a culture of learning and leadership to promote professional growth and Business success. Our focus on Employee Learning and Development aims to gain continuous learning opportunities for employees. We provide development and administration of high-quality learning programs that can maximize job performance and satisfaction.

The very first step to this is hiring the best talent and then nourish them to maximize their learning potential by capitalizing on their core strengths. This is achieved through our extensive Training programs across a wide array of technologies and skill sets.

We also promote Intellectual Growth through our Certification and Educational re-imbursement programs. This helps employees to keep themselves updated and focus on innovation and knowledge enhancement.

Using our learning resources, workshops and classroom training, employees may choose the learning offering that best meets their needs. Whether an employee wants to gain proficiency to complete their current job or learn new skills to advance their career, there are learning opportunities available

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